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Monthly patrika being launched by our NGO shall include following features-Feature Article - "The Philosophy of Shiva" An in-depth
exploration of Shiva's philosophy, including his roles as the destroyer, creator, and preserver, as well as his symbolism and significance
in Hinduism. Beautifully written content with relevant images, quotes, and references. Devotee's Corner A section featuring persona
l experiences and stories shared by devotees of Lord Shiva. These could highlight miraculous events, moments of inspiration, or
transformations through devotion. Art Gallery - "Expressions of Shiva"

Showcase artwork inspired by Lord Shiva, including paintings, sketches, sculptures, and photographs that capture different
facets of Shiva's divine presence. Rituals and Practices A comprehensive guide to various rituals and practices associated with
Lord Shiva, including how to perform abhishekam, meditations, and mantras for his worship. Temple Spotlight Highlight a
famous Shiva temple from around the world, describing its history, significance, and unique features.








  Hinduism Today: Published from Hawaii, this international magazine covers various aspects of Hinduism, including stories related to                    Lord Shiva, and aims to present a modern perspective on ancient traditions. Yoga Journal: While not solely focused on Lord Shiva, this                magazine often features articles on yogic philosophy and practices associated with Shiva, as he is considered the Adi Yogi or the first                  yogi. Elephant Journal: An online magazine that explores spirituality, personal growth, and mindfulness, often featuring articles about                Hinduism, Lord Shiva, and related topics. The Eternal Path Magazine: Published from the United Kingdom, this magazine explores                      Indian spiritual philosophies and practices, including those centered around Lord Shiva. Tathaastu Magazine: This magazine, based in                   the United States, covers spiritual and cultural aspects of India, including articles on Hindu deities, practices, and teachings, such as                     those of Lord Shiva.